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His laid back delivery and cleverly constructed material has made Billy D. Washington a stand-up standout for over 15 years.

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OCT 24

In what seems like forever ago the Def Comedy Jam was the #1 show on cable TV. It launched many careers. Some names you know and some you don't. I was the first native Houston comic as well as one of the first Texas comics to be fortunate enough to be part of that piece of stand up comedy history. Before Jamie Foxx, before Craig Robinson I did what I do -- and at the time it was a pretty big deal. To me, it still is. :)


SEP 21

20 things you might not know about me. 1. I once had a 30 minute conversation with Mark Wahlberg about an ex-girlfriend of his in Houston. 2. Russell Simmons managed me for 3 years. 3. Chris Paul once bought one of my CD's for 100.00. 4. I've been hugged by Justin Timberlake. 5. I've been kissed on the cheek by Jerry Jones. 6. I was the 2nd to last VJ to work for VH-1. 7. I once closed a show in Montreal that featured Mike Epps, Wanda Sykes and Bruce Bruce...at their request. 8. I performed on the Def Comedy Jam 3 consecutive years. 9. I've played Radio City Music Hall with Aretha Franklin. 10. I was cast as a principal in a movie with Jeff Bridges. 11. OJ Simpson is my 3rd cousin. 12. I created a TV show that lasted 4 seasons and was never credited. 13. I've written 14 plays. 14. I wrote the most popular comedy blog on the most popular online comedy magazine in the country in 2012. 15. I've beaten Matthew McConaughey, Calvin Murphy and Dennis Miller on the pool table. 16. I spoke on the phone with Phyllis Hyman 2 days before she died. 17. I accidentally captured one of "Americas Most Wanted" during a routine traffic stop. 18. I've performed in every state other than Washington and Oregon. 19. Bette Midler once called me handsome. 20. I once turned down a 30,000.00 TV deal holding out for another one. I got neither.

SEP 15

Read my online mini series, "House MC" on Comedy Scene in Houston. It's the fictional story of a comedian held hostage by a small town after making the biggest mistake a comic could ever make on stage. Let me know what you think? Thx. Scroll to the top if the page for Part 1. http://comedysceneinhouston.com

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